Who We Are

Everbeing Int’l Corp. is a Taiwan-based manufacturer of probe stations, micropositioners, probe tips and related accessories. Since establishment, we became the largest manual probe station manufacturer worldwide and supply to both academia and industry customers alike. As a result, we are recognized as an invaluable partner in the semiconductor industry. Our vision is to provide high-quality, affordable products to keep users focused on their experiment.

With our mechanical expertise, we deliver complete solutions according to researchers envision of the ideal setup. By doing so, they spend less time on troubleshooting, and more focused on data extraction.

If you are looking to electrically characterize your wafer, chips, thin film devices or related devices, seek out Everbeing to make your experiments a reality.

Currently we have expanded to worldwide distribution with representatives in foreign markets. In addition, Everbeing also participates and exhibit at conferences/exhibitions worldwide on an annual basis. In the past, we have exhibited at IMS, ICMTS, EuMW.

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Everbeing History

Everbeing building headquarters at 1 Jinshan 2nd St. Hsinchu Taiwan

Established in 1991 Hsinchu, Taiwan, Everbeing initially focused on distribution of foreign probing suppliers to Taiwan universities until researchers became obstructed by rising cost of importation. Through collaboration with professors at National Tsing Hua University and National Chiao Tung University, we successfully developed and manufactured our own line of probe stations and micropositioners. Since then, we have continued to improve and innovate our products to drive research in wafer production, characterization and yield. Our products were proven as highly reliable with best price-performance ratio compared to competitors.

By early 2000, we have secured 70% of the market share of manual probe stations in Taiwan. Continuing on, we have expanded to other regions in Asia and built a solid coverage in this market with notable influence in China and India. From mid-2000 and onward, our products have become more widely known in the American and European market.