Everbeing’s micropositioner product line (also known as micromanipulator in the industry) offer precise mechanical movement for probing or moving apparatus at the micron or sub-micron level. Our products focus on linearly driven motion in all 3 individual axes.

Why linear motion?

Linearity allows you predict the upcoming movement each time you drive the micropositioner knobs. Imagine attempting to pinpoint on a target that is visible in front of you, however you are unable to set a given path to reach it. This is the issue with non-linear micropositioners in the industry and can cause frustrations with probing. A linearly driven device allows you to move at a specific X and Y motion to reach your target to help you set up your experiments faster


Our broad range of micropositioners fill requirements for probing for different measurement applications as well as measurement environments. For example, a measurement system focused on cryogenic environments would not use the same product for room temperature probing. Likewise, a DC micropositioner is unfit for mmW measurement applications.

  • X-Y-Z linear-motion travel with no backlash
  • DC Capable with:
    • Banana, Coaxial, Triaxial
    • For more information on our tip/probe holder, please go here.
  • Station Mount Options Include:
    • Magnet ON/OFF Switch
    • Vacuum Secure
    • Magnet Permanent

Don’t see one that fits? Consult with us to figure out your requirements by sending us a question. Let us know more about your application to see if you need additional customizations to your own manual micropositioner and probe holder.