Model 12C Overview

Rugged, dependable and high speed the Model 12C presents a very modest load to the integrated circuit. It can be used to troubleshoot high speed bipolar, NMOS and CMOS circuits-even some short holding time dynamic nodes. Each amplifier is individually optimized for peak performance and reliability. The Model 12C will withstand large input over voltages. The only known failure mode is the accidental breaking or crushing of the probe tip which can be easily replaced. A large selection of replaceable probe tips are available to accommodate a variety of probing needs.


 Input Capacitance 0.1pf
 Input Resistance 1.0 megohm
 Rise/Fall Time 0.8ns
 Bandwidth dc to 500 MHz
 Linearity 0.5%
 Voltage Range -10 to +20V*
 Gain Accuracy ±3%
 Signal Attenuation (High Input impedance oscilloscope: 10 to1) (50 ohm input: 20 to 1)

Picoprobe® Model 12C Replacement Tips

Part Number
 Tungsten Wire 
Shaft Diameter
  Point Radius 
12C-1-55 micron<0.1 micron
12C-1-10 10 micron <0.1 micron
12C-1-22 22 micron <1.0 micron
12C-1-35 35 micron <2.0 micron
12C-1-60 60 micron <3.0 micron
12C-1-125 125 micron <5.0 micron
12C-2-55 micron<0.1 micron
12C-2-10 10 micron <0.1 micron
12C-2-22 22 micron <1.0 micron
12C-2-35 35 micron <2.0 micron
12C-2-60 60 micron <3.0 micron
12C-2-125 125 micron <5.0 micron
12C-4-55 micron<0.1 micron
12C-4-10 10 micron <0.1 micron
12C-4-22 22 micron <1.0 micron
12C-4-35 35 micron <2.0 micron
12C-4-60 60 micron <3.0 micron
12C-4-125 125 micron <5.0 micron
Part NumberTungsten Wire Shaft Diameter (µm)Point Radius (µm)